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Apr 23, 2014

dearest followers:

i apologize if any of my specific content is upsetting to you personally, so take this statement as a warning…

one of my personal greatest fantasies revolves around a lot of non-consent fantasies and occasionally this is the kind of content that i have been known to post. if this is upsetting and triggering to any of you i suggest you unfollow me now to avoid bringing any difficult feelings you have with these types of issues to surface.

thank you, please enjoy the rest of my scheduled programming.


I so love this, Sir. You make me submit every time…so glad we met
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I so love this, Sir. You make me submit every time…so glad we met

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I would suggest seeing if he can perhaps see the following on the different sorts of spankings…many people are not aware of the difference sorts of spankings and reasons for them. Communication is truly the key.

For reference :)

EDIT: I wanted to add, from a message from a follower who pointed out there is no clear language in the “Punishment Spanking” write-up explaining that the spankee should still have a safe word and be able to stop at any time.

This is fucking incredible. Amazing explanations. So perfect.

Take a read

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